About Futura Apsol Pvt. Ltd.

Futura Apsol Private Limited, Pune, India is founded by Girish Ranade and Anagha Ranade. Started as a proprietary Futura Electrodesigners in 1988. All activities were shifted to Futura Apsol Private Limited in 2004. Futura is known for innovative products since its inception. Futura is pioneer in Harness Testers in India. Harness Tester is also known as Cable Harness Tester, Wire Harness Tester, Wiring Harness Tester, Continuity Tester, Continuity checker, Cable Wire Wiring Harness Test System. Futura has various models for all types of harnesses and customers. Testing of small as well as large harnesses can be carried out using appropriate tester model.


Small Batch Quantity
SMD Assembly

SMD EMS using Pick & Place for even one PCB Futura Apsol Pvt. Ltd (FAPL), Pune offers SMD services (EMS) using pick and place machine for small batch quantities, starting from even one PCB.


We offer customised cable assemblies, cable harnesses, wire harnesses. Minimum Order Quantity is one number. We can procure connectors and cables as per specifications.

Flat Cable

Flat Ribbon Cable FRC standard and special Flat Ribbon Cables Assembly using IDC connectors. Pneumatic crimping machine. Consistent crimping quality. Tested on tester with 'intermittent checking'.

FRC Crimping

FRC Crimped Cables from 10 pin to 64 pin. Available in various lengths. If required ROHS cable can be supplied. Prices are available on request for ROHS cable, various lengths, and specific brand of connector / cable.

Our Products

EBU - Electronic Scarecrow Animal Bird Repeller


Label Data Storage Printing LDSP LCD


USB Scanner to Serial Convertor (USSC-9600)


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